Under review this week are Crimetown, Maeve in America, Missing Richard Simmons.

Here at the Podcast Review Show, we wondered if all the pain that Alex Blumberg put himself through to start Gimlet Media (which made for a very fine podcast in Start-Up season one) was going to be worth it if all they could follow up with was Reply All (a good, not great, show) and the Mystery Show which we considered to be a failure. We are delighted that Blumberg has answered us with two of the best podcasts of recent months – Homecoming and Crimetown. Crimetown is a new voice in on-demand radio. In fact it is several eloquent voices attached to some morally bankrupt people. If ever there was a group that recognised the power of a story well told, it’s these myth-making criminals from Providence, Rhode Island. Brilliantly researched and edited, Richard contends it’s the best thing on the net.

Ireland’s own Maeve Higgins is now Brooklyn’s own. She brings her slightly skew-ways look and honest engagement to a show about the immigrant experience in The United States.

Missing Richard Simmons is a souffle of a show. It’s concocted out of not much and whipped into a digestible confection by Dan Taberski. Expect a lot more of this kind of podcasting in the future, we feel, for better or worse.

Listen to the show: https://soundcloud.com/internationalradiocompany/podcast-review-show-ep-17