Bronzeville, Pod Save America, The Modern Mann were under the watchful ear of Richard and Matt this week on the Podcast Review Show

You might be forgiven for thinking that Richard and Matt have an unwarranted fetish for American politics, and further, that they are riding a global wave of Trump voyeurism, but the truth is that some of the best podcasts currently being made are political. Pod Save America is great because it allows articulate insiders free reign to lift the lid on one of the world’s most significant power hubs. The presenters of the show were at the core of the Obama Administration, and the fact that they possibly have an axe to grind with the current administration is leavened by their honesty and wit.

With films like Apocalypse Now, King of New York and Deep Cover in his resume, it’s forgivable to view Laurence Fishburne as an indicator of a project’s worth and artistic integrity, especially when his own production company is involved in process, as is the case here. To their disappointment, Richard and Matt found Bronzeville to be stagey, over-earnest and in need of some of the directorial tricks that were brought to bear so effectively by Homecoming.

If you like your magazines glossy and aimed directly at the centre of the market, then smooth-toned Olly Mann’s The Modern Mann is probably for you. Richard found a couple of gems amongst the features on offer, while Matt was unimpressed by others.

Interesting news afoot with the launch of RadioPublic’s app – an innovation that hopes to change the search-ability and share-ability of podcasting, and therefore the financial model. For example, Android RadioPublic users who have clicked on what was once a dead-end iTunes link, will now be able to click through effortlessly to the podcast in question. Playlists, themes and past behaviour are all thrown into the mix to “dramatically increase the surface area for discovery”, as one of the founders Jake Shapiro puts it.


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